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Ongoing Training in Missions

Specific Skill Sets

Training for ministry is ongoing. Each step of the way, there are specific skill sets that, when taught and grasped, make the missionary more effective. Translation is an obvious and necessary skill set on the church planting team, complete with comprehension checks. Katie Moore, missionary to the Nahuatl people of Mexico, knows all about that. And she tells a story of one of those times when the comprehension check showed they’d gotten it right.

Getting it Right…

While working on a lesson about John the Baptist, Katie recognized that Bernie was tracking well with the details of the story — but she wanted to know what Bernie thought about something they had not yet discussed.
“When John saw Jesus, he said, ‘Look, the Little Sheep of God.’ Why do you think He might have said that?” Katie asked.
Bernie didn’t have to think long before she responded “Long ago the people took little sheep to the house of God,” she said. “The one in charge there laid hands on the animal, and all the sins of the people were put on it. Then it wasn’t necessary for the people to die because the little sheep had died instead. I say that is what Jesus will do for the people.”
Wouldn’t you agree with me that Bernie’s comprehension was right on?

…To Glorify God

That’s why training is ongoing. We train so that we can minister well. But why do we want to do ministry well?
It’s not so that we can pat ourselves on the back and say, “Well, we passed that comprehension check with flying colours!”
It’s so that we can see someone like Bernie comprehend what God has done and continues to do.
It’s so that we can see a thriving church for every people. It’s so that God will be glorified.
Pray with us for ongoing training for missionaries. Pray for the missionary team to the Nahuatl people as they continue to teach Bible lessons and the gospel will be presented to the Nahuatl the end of this month.

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