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Opposite reactions

Jeremiah and April Markley had the opportunity to see up-close the difference it makes to have a hope anchored in Christ.

A young Dinangat girl has died tragically. And knowing Christ, says Jeremiah Markley, makes all the difference in how people respond.

“Now picture this prayer coming out of the lips of a sobbing, broken mother, a believer in Jesus, as she stands over the casket of her teenaged daughter,” he writes:

Father, You are good and Your ways are perfect! Thank You that You love us and thank You that my daughter is with You. Thank you that all of her trials are done and she feels no pain … Thank You, Father God, that You are good, thank You …

Her unbelieving relatives are also grieving intensely. The difference is that their grief is angry and hopeless.

“The next day,” Jeremiah writes, “her house was destroyed by her relatives … who were distraught with grief and fear, lashing out in blame and revenge.”

Jeremiah and April write, “We are reminded again of what a privilege it is to be a part of bringing the message of God’s peace, hope and love to the Dinangat people, who, until 2008, had never heard of the grace of God in their own language. We can see Jesus making a transformation in their lives, and we are reminded that our work for Him is not in vain.”

Investing your life to share the gospel of Christ and bring hope and light to lost, unreached people is a calling that will reap eternal joy and rewards, in addition to the joy of seeing their lives transformed now. There are thousands of people still waiting to hear this message.

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