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'Our spirits need food, too'

Missionary Lourens Laureti weeps with joy for what God is doing in Mengen lives.

Lourens Laureti says his friend, Kamalus, told him something quite profound one morning.

Kamalus helps Lourens on check the Mengen language in Bible lessons he is translating. And Kamalus shared some fresh new perspective on old truth.

As God’s Word often does, it brought strong conviction to Kamalus’ heart. “Our bodies need food to be able to work and be strong,” Kamalus told Lourens, “But I see now that our spirits are like that, too.”

Lourens shares, “He said that for a long time now he has been neglecting to study God’s Word and to complete the Bible studies we are giving him. And even though he has been attending our meetings and Bible studies, he has not been allowing it to penetrate into his heart as before. Therefore, he has experienced less of the joy and peace he has so much treasured. He also said that he experienced the reality of sin becoming more evident in his life. He said he had less strength to resist and overcome evil.”

Lourens delights to see the Holy Spirit at work in Kamalus, convincing him that he needs food for his spirit.

“He needs to come back to study God’s Word, to complete the Bible studies, to gather with believers and share his heart. He knows that as God’s Word feeds his spirit, he will experience joy and peace and he will live victoriously as he depends upon God for help.”

Lourens adds, “The most amazing thing is that as soon as Kamalus realized all this, he shared it with his wife, Sepin. And Sepin told him then and there that she would pray for him!”

Lourens’ heart is filled with joy and thankfulness to see this growth in Kamalus and how it impacts his life and testimony and relationships.

“As I am typing, I am crying tears of joy,” Lourens writes. “I am seeing a Mengen man becoming a picture of Christ. I am seeing him become sensitive to the teaching of the indwelling Holy Spirit.”

“Be glad with me,” urges Lourens. “God is reaching the unreached here in the Mengen valley and your prayers and support are making a difference.”

Pray for Lourens and Marie Laureti and their family as they live with and grow to love the Mengen people. Ask God to continue to bless His Word and make it powerful—as it is translated, as it is read and studied, and as it is lived out daily in meaningful testimony to others for His honour and eternal glory.

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