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Our View from the Inside of the Fishbowl

I Feel Like a Fish
Our son Luke has a fishbowl by his desk. He only has one fish, and he enjoys watching it swim around. No matter where the fish goes, he can’t hide from Luke’s sight.
Do you ever feel like this fish? Sometimes we do.
Our Yard, the Village Playground
Why? Well, maybe because our yard is the village playground. Often you will see our son Jonathan pushing a village kid on the swing or Luke officiating a group of kids through the obstacle course or Abigail and Rebekah hitting a beach ball with the smaller kids of the village.
And when it gets too difficult for me to work with all the kids in the yard, I join them for a game of volleyball.
What’s Going On in There?
Do we mind? Not really. We are thankful that the village kids want to come play. However, at times we feel like Luke’s fish. When the village kids want to take a break from playing, they look in our windows to see what is happening inside the house. It really isn’t that bad, but we do enjoy a little privacy as a family. Thankfully, the sun goes down around six each night, and all the kids go home. And tomorrow, we do it all over again.
Pray for us and other missionaries who “live in a fishbowl” as we minister each day.

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