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Pai prayers answered

Pai house and men

A Pai Tavy Tera church has a new brick building to meet in, and a group of Paraguayan youths got a closer look at church planting among remote people groups.

The Pai believers had been praying for a brick building for years, and putting aside money from their weekly offerings, but were still far short of what they would need.

“After discussing the need with a Paraguayan Christian businessman, Mike [Goddard] launched out by faith with the project,” wrote Mike and his wife, Trisha. “The Lord supplied $5,065 toward the building materials and 16 volunteers to get the majority of the project finished in a three-week period.”

The Pai believers helped with construction, and stepped in to finish up after the short-term team left.

Thank God for His provision for the Pai church. Pray that the young people who went to help will grow in their understanding of God’s work among unreached people groups and in their desire to serve Him.

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