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Playing her harp for God's glory

Opportunities abound for God to use the gifts and talents of His people in ministry.

What’s that in your hand? Is that something that God wants to use?

Susie Locklin started playing the harp in sixth grade. Back then, she didn’t have a clue how God would someday use her and her harp-playing for His glory in a country and culture very far away and very different from where she grew up.

When Susie was preparing to depart as a missionary to Africa, many people asked her what she would do about her harp-playing. Since a harp is not exactly the easiest musical instrument to transport, Susie wasn’t sure what to do.

She began to look for a harp that she could take with her to Africa. The new harp was a loving gift from Susie’s grandmother.

“I researched smaller harps and eventually I decided on one that could be disassembled and so would fit luggage requirements,” Susie shares. “It was still oversized baggage, but was allowed because it was a musical instrument.”

Of the two suitcases that she was permitted, Susie filled one with the harp, which was stuffed full with whatever else she could fit in. “Let’s just say that my carry-on was quite full and heavy,” Susie explains.

Susie has enjoyed her new harp in her new home. Playing it is a joy. She has also delighted in teaching others some simple music to play.

On a recent Sunday, Susie and two friends were asked to sing in church. Susie accompanied their singing on her harp. The song Susie chose and taught her friends was “You are My All in All.”

They sang in English. But Susie’s harp sang out fluently in a language understood well in all countries.

“It was a big hit,” Susie summarizes happily, delighting in this ministry opportunity—an opportunity that had its musical roots back in sixth grade.

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