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The Poidevin Family

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The Poidevin Family

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A sudden change of plans

In January, John and Krista Poidevin, along with their three children, left Canada for their first term in Tanzania, Africa. Yes, they were excited about using their linguistics training to help bring the truth of God’s Word to those who desperately need it. But they also anticipated facing challenges—studying culture and becoming fluent in Swahili while raising three young children isn’t easy.

What they weren’t expecting was the sudden change of plans within two months of arriving. Krista started experiencing blurred vision as they left Canada. When the symptoms got worse, not better, they consulted an eye specialist and then a neurologist. The doctor discovered a brain tumour which needs to be removed.

Please pray for the Poidevin family as they enter into this unexpected season of life.

Poidevin family
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While there is much to ask God for, we can thank Him for how quickly Krista has received medical care.

  • January 1st — the Poidevin family departed from Toronto for Tanzania
  • Tuesday, February 13th – after seeing an eye specialist for blurry vision, Krista was diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy
  • Friday, February 23rd — after symptoms worsened, Krista was able to see a neurologist, who requested an MRI
  • Saturday, February 24th — Krista had an MRI
  • Monday, February 26th — John and Krista were told the sixth nerve palsy was being caused by a brain tumour which needed to be removed.
  • Monday, March 5th — John and Krista arrive in Toronto and Krista is admitted to Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Thursday, March 8th — The children, accompanied by John’s parents, arrive safely in Toronto
  • Monday, March 12th — Tumour was removed by surgical team at Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Thursday, March 15th — Krista was discharged from Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Monday, April 2nd — Krista was medevaced to Toronto from Goderich and readmitted to Sunnybrook Hospital due to serious nose bleeds
  • Wednesday, April 4th — After various tests and three days of being nose-bleed free, Krista was discharged.
  • Thursday, April 5th — The medical team readmitted Krista, did a second angiogram and a procedure to stop the nosebleeds.
  • Saturday, April 7th — After two days of being nose-bleed free, Krista was discharged with strict orders to rest.
  • Wednesday, June 6th — Krista had her three-month post-operative MRI. Her eyesight has returned to normal.
  • Friday, June 29th — Krista completed her first of nine weeks of radiation; five days of radiation each week. Krista is already experiencing fatigue, nausea and headaches. She has been told the symptoms will worsen as the treatment continues.
  • Friday, July 20th — Krista is halfway through her 39 radiation treatments. As expected, Krista is still experiencing fatigue, nausea and headaches.
  • Monday, August 20th — Krista has completed her 39 radiation treatments. They will be moving back to Durham this week, as the children start school on the Ethnos Canada campus next week. An MRI in November will capture a new baseline. The Poidevin’s remain optimistic they can return to their ministry in Tanzania as early as January, 2019.

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As of Monday, August 20th
Praise God Krista finished all 39 of her radiation treatments! Praise God for the many safe trips in and out of Toronto and for how well Krista tolerated the treatment.
So what is next?
This week we will be moving back on to the Ethnos Canada campus in Durham, as God graciously opened the door for temporary housing there for us.
John will be continuing work at the Ethnos Canada headquarters and the kids start school August 27th at the Ethnos Academy. Krista will be regaining her strength and energy.
Longer term it is still our desire to head to Tanzania, possibly in January 2019. This fall will be a process of prayerfully consulting with the various leaders in our lives, sorting out details with the insurance company and seeing what the doctors say.
Later this year the medical team will do Krista’s first follow up MRI. Unfortunately, it will not necessarily indicate the success of the treatment, but rather provide a new baseline for monitoring. It will also provide the chance for her oncologist to see how her symptoms are doing.
Most of her current symptoms should peek in a couple weeks, then clear up over the next few months. Unfortunately, some of the radiation side effects can take longer to show up. Specifically damage to eyesight and hearing typically don’t show up until between 3 months to 2 years later.
Thanks to all your prayers we are each holding up relatively well. Please keep praying as we adjust to a new routine this fall and seek to walk in the Truth.
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Praise God that…

  • Cancer treatment is done!
  • Housing became available for the fall.

Please pray for…

  • Clarity and open doors to return to Tanzania.
  • Our adjustments to being a family of five again.
  • Healing for Krista.
  • Work permits to be granted to church planting team in Tanzania

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Poidevin Family
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