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Pray for Aiglas

As missionaries Adam and Julie Martin disciple and shepherd the Akolet people, they come up against a problem that we all face.

Their dear friend, Aiglas, was old and very sick. He had professed Christ in 2011. But was he just saying the right words or did he really understand salvation by faith alone?

The Martins worried because Aiglas was growing weaker and his mental condition seemed to be deteriorating. Many Akolet believers tried to explain salvation to Aiglas but no one knows whether anything got through.

So they turned to their only source of hope and asked the Father to either make the message of salvation clear to Aiglas or restore him to health so that he can understand for himself.

At this time Adam and Julie are watching their dear Akolet friend continue down the path toward death and asking the Father to answer their prayers.

Please pray today for Aiglas.

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