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Prayer for water

The need for water is reaching a critical level, says missionary Terry Reed.

The translation work on the Guarijio New Testament is threatened by a severe water shortage.

The need for water in the village where they live and work is drastic, Terry Reed writes. The usual water system is down and in need of repairs with no immediate solution in sight. A series of inept repairmen and long delays have left the people in the area critically in need of a working water supply.

Terry says that he and co-worker, Dennis Bender, recently remembered a spring that they had capped off several years ago to improve the cattle watering system. They recently punched a hole in the cement cap they had put on the spring to see if they could get a hose down into the spring.

“We found that the water situation at the spring is very bleak,” Terry writes. “Even Dennis, who is ever the optimist, said he thought it wouldn’t be long before the spring went completely dry.”

Humanly speaking, the prospects are slim. If the water runs out altogether, they will not be able to function at their location much longer. This means an interruption in the translation work they are doing.

“We are asking for people to pray that God would intervene so that we would not have to make a drastic move,” Terry requests. “We won’t be able to function here much longer.”

Will you stop right now and pray that God will undertake to supply this need for water so that the work of Guarijio translation on the books of Matthew and 1 Corinthians might continue unhindered?

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