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Prepping to Teach 30 People, But 150 Showed Up

young national missionary speaking in front of large church group

Using Your Experience

After years in a church planting ministry among the Tala-Andig people in the Asia-Pacific Region, Josh and Belinda Moffit are putting their experience to good use as church planting consultants. But their ministry doesn’t stop there. They’re excited about the opportunities God has given them to minister to those right where they live, as well as those in the surrounding cities.

Using Your Space

“Several months ago, we were approached by a group of pastors who wanted to use the chronological Bible lessons that we have developed in the local language, Bisaya,” Josh wrote. “We talked about the logistics of the training that we are offering, and we suggested keeping the group under 30. When we showed up for the first of 12 training sessions, there were about 150 people.”
Can you imagine? You’re expecting about 30 people to show up and 150 show up instead! Talk about a problem! Consider the logistics they had to sort out. And I should point out that this wasn’t taking place in the building next door. The 12 training sessions took place every Thursday night for three hours in a city about three hours away from where they live.
Despite the complications, the Moffits wrote, “We are encouraged that there is such a hunger for Bible materials in the local language.”

Using Your Opportunities

Twelve weeks later, because the Moffits responded to the invitation to teach, they saw 104 graduates from the training sessions.
God’s character and purpose are clearly on display throughout the chronological teaching lessons, helping to bring clarity and cohesiveness to God’s story, beginning with Creation and ending with Revelation. And now, several of the graduating pastors are teaching these same lessons in outreaches or in their churches.
Pray for God’s Word to go forth, and pray for the Moffits, not only as they minister as church planting consultants but also as they continue to offer training sessions to local pastors and believers.

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