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Ready to jump out the window

Higaunon believers are responding to another village’s interest in hearing God’s Word.

It’s been an answer to much prayer that there would be Higaunon believers sent to other villages to teach the Word of God.

There was news that an interest was expressed so the church leadership took a group of young people to a village five hours hike away. The interest was confirmed and arrangements were made to return once a week to teach.

Even though this village is reportedly very poor and the people work very hard without the modern conveniences, they wanted to hear God’s Word in the evening after work.

“Many Higaunons are used to having kerosene in a bottle with a cloth wick as their light at night. Not this village! They can’t afford it,” write Lance and Laura Ostman.

The first session began with a confirmation that God was moving in the hearts of the people.

Lance and Laura heard the report:

“The group left here early in the morning for the first session of teaching. They spent time visiting and then gathered in a small (approximately 12-by-12) house that has been designated as their meeting place.

“When they started teaching, there was a disturbance in a nearby house. A man had just come from his farm and was rushing around and ran up into the house they were in. Naomi, a young woman who is in the discipleship program, thought that he was angry about their teaching so she was ready to jump out of the window. Come to find out, he was just in a hurry to come and listen; he did not want to miss one word.”

This started with lesson one of the chronological Bible teaching program, Firm Foundations, with at least 10 adults, and lots of young people as well as smaller children.

It could end with those listening, being discipled, and in obedience going to yet another village to teach the Word of God.

Let’s continue to pray for the Higaunon believers as they go as ambassadors of the Good News.

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