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Mike & Tilly Grant

Mike Grant

Mike was raised in a Christian home in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Even though I grew up going to church, I was 14 years old when I realized I was lost and, praise the Lord, I got saved! I went to college to become a veterinarian but never finished school due to a job offer working a dairy farm. After working on the farm for 10 years I took a vacation to help build a missionary build his house in the jungles of Venezuela. I couldn’t believe that those Puma tribal people never had the Bible in their language. That changed my live and after a year of praying I quit my job and went to Bible School. Talitha was raised in a godly, missions minded family in Pennsylvania. She was saved at 5 years old and she wanted to be a missionary ever since she could remember. Her parents supported many missionaries and they always had missionaries staying with them. When she was 15 she went on a missions trip to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. She had the privilege of seeing a tribal man come to the Lord during her time and she believe God was calling her to reach the unreached.
We met at Bible college and were married after 2 years. After 4 years of training and earning degrees in cross-cultural ministry, we went to Bolivia in 2000 to serve with Ethnos. We went with two very young boys and our 3rd son was born in Bolivia. We served for 10 years in Bolivia and saw the Lord doing many different, amazing things. Our last ministry in Bolivia was serving and teaching Bolivians at our training centre in Bolivia (a three year course). We came home on furlough desiring to return but the Lord directed us to stay here in Atlantic Canada as representatives. It was a tough decision because we wanted to return but we saw the Lord in it. Mike also serves as the Eastern Coordinator of Church Relations for Ethnos Canada. Talitha teaches Spanish in a local Christian school that their boys attend. She also leads worship in their church and often teaches and she joins Mike when he speaks at missions conferences. Mike & Talitha run a summer missions weekend called “Rikapuna.” Our goal is to challenge believers with the need to reach the unreached.