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Pete & Carly Nichols

Pete and Carly Nichols, Ethnos Canada missionaries

Pete grew up in small town Elsie, Michigan. Carly grew up in London, Ontario. They were both saved at a young age and grew up with the challenge of tribal missions before them. Carly served at Emanate, Ethnos Canada’s missionary training program in Durham, Ontario for four years prior to marrying Pete in 2010.
Both of them have been involved in South America, Carly in Peru and Pete in Bolivia and Venezuela. They both have a great passion for the tribal people of the Amazon Basin and hope to continue to involve their lives there.
Pete is a passionate speaker who is thrilled at what God is doing past and present to build His Church and how we can be a part of that! He loves researching and studying current trends in the Church, in missions and in the younger generations.
Carly is gifted in administration, keeps up with all our writing and correspondence, loves people and has a big heart for discipleship of younger women.
Currently they are the coordinators of Ethnos Canada’s Off The Grid program. In addition to this they are focused on challenging the younger generations and often represent Ethnos at youth conferences, Bible colleges and any other setting where young generations gather.