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Resting in God’s Faithfulness

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Overwhelmed with Decisions

Cameron and Katy Pryor, missionaries to West Africa, have experienced many hardships in the last couple years including several major health problems. Just recently, in fellowship with their field leadership, they have decided to move to a different country in West Africa, leaving them with so many decisions lying ahead. With all the preparation that needs to be made, it can be easy for them to be overwhelmed.

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God Has Been Faithful in the Past

But they have also been able to rest in the faithfulness of God, seeing what He has done for them in the past. Katy wrote, “When I look to our future, I’m flooded with questions, and I start to worry over the unknown, but that’s not remembering what God has done. Not only can I look at Scripture for example after example of what He’s capable of, I can look at my own life. God healed my son [Calvin]. He healed my sister-in-law. And God provided what we needed just in the nick of time on our first move to West Africa.”

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God is Faithful Still Today

She continues, “Recently God has sent us great encouragement through our church services and allowing us to go to our church’s camp. He has been faithful by providing people and resources to help me in homeschooling. If this God, who’s helped us in big. . . events all the way down to small everyday things. . .is with us, then what do we have to fear? It may be hard, but in each step, we’ll have the very best Father looking out for us. We cannot forget all His works!”

Pray for the Pryor family to trust God with all the major decisions they have ahead.

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