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Send missionaries to my island

A man from the Bali people group recently asked Josh and Faye Butler when missionaries would be sent to live among them.

Josh and Faye Butler have been waiting for a long time for the invitation to go to the Bali people. Recently a man from the very village they have been praying specifically about asked when missionaries would be sent to live among them.

While waiting, Josh and Faye have been doing plenty of preparation, especially for the building of their home. They’ve had to gather and organize the materials needed and seek estimates for what it will cost to get it to where they will eventually build.

After talking about what they would be doing for nearly a year now, there is excitement over seeing how God seems to be moving the hearts of the Bali people. The local villagers are ready to meet together with the missionaries so that information can be shared.

This comprehensive survey work is what will guide them in the days ahead for where the greatest need is and what location would be most welcoming.

They ask for continued prayer for the survey team that will go and make an initial presentation. There is hope that an official invitation for the Butlers to come and live with the Bali people will come soon.

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