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Serving faithfully in relief efforts

God is blessing thousands of people in the Philippines through missionary aviation ministries.

Canadian Garry Barkman writes, “Yesterday we shipped 50 sacks of rice, 75 sacks of family packs and 86 boxes of food supplies.” These food items will be distributed by boat in the Philippines in areas hard-hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Steffan Pyle is one NTM missionary pilot who has been flying relief missions in the Philippines. The schedule can be grueling, so when bad weather forced him to stay on the ground one day this week, Steffan’s wife, Julie, felt grateful to God for arranging a much-needed day for him to catch up on rest from the stresses of long hours of flying.

The following day, missionaries were earnestly back at work helping to fuel aircraft and pack loads for Steffan. “In total,” Garry says, “we have about 17 tons of food and supplies to be delivered.”

“Many of the other relief efforts in that area are starting to wrap up and head back to their homes,” Julie Pyle reports. “Steffan and one other guy are the only ones left where they are to finish up the distribution.”

Reports about Philippine relief efforts in other areas have been shared with Julie, too.

“In some cases,” writes one missionary pilot, “the people were left with the clothes on their backs and whatever they had in their hands, as the tidal surge and winds took everything else out to sea. So it’s difficult for them to repair their boats, repair or rebuild houses, cook food and maintain sanitation and hygiene without basic supplies.”

The opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love to needy people is one that many in the family of God have taken to heart—both in local churches in the Philippines and in Canada and other countries. Many have given generously to pour love and encouragement on hurting people. Meeting those very tangible needs is effectively living out Christ’s commands to love and meet the needs of others, and missionaries are grateful.

NTM aviation, in tirelessly delivering food and supplies, is a tremendous resource that God is using powerfully in accomplishing meaningful relief effort ministry.

Please continue to pray. “We cannot discount the role of prayer in any effective ministry in the Philippines,” writes Julie. Besides praying for God to alleviate the tremendous suffering experienced by so many Philippine people, “Our guys and their wives and children need your continued prayers. Many flights are over open water. Thousands of people need basic supplies. The people of the Philippines need to see the caring kindness of our great God.”

“God is good!” Julie writes. “Thank you for your prayers for us and for the people of the Philippines.”

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