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Setting out to do the impossible

two men

To the Castelijn family deep in the jungles of the Philippines, the most important piece of property is their airstrip.

It takes the missionary pilot 20 minutes to deliver them to the Banwaon village where they live in contrast to two grueling days from the field guest home by foot.

Albert and Lynne are on home assignment right now but recently Albert received a series of disturbing emails from the pilots in the Philippines.

Albert needed to make a trip back to their home in the jungle to facilitate the repair of the airstrip. It is an immediate need and the impossible dragon raised his fearsome head. The Castelijns just did not know how the task could be done. It would take dozens of shovels and other tools so that the villagers could repair the airstrip by hand.

“The degree to which the airstrip seems to have deteriorated and the sheer volume of work that will be needed to repair it [was overwhelming],” Lynne wrote. “Our pilot said the best thing would be to get a grader or bulldozer in, and it would also be great to gravel it as much as possible.”

“But these days we hear even motorbikes are having trouble getting in overland and the cost of hiring a bike to go up has almost doubled since we were there last.”

Albert will also need a way to transport fresh supplies and will need to cook his own meals even in that difficult situation.

Finally, the couple wondered how they would be able to afford everything – a plane ticket, work supplies, food supplies, wages transport costs – it all seemed impossible.

But God is always faithful. Just as they were beginning to realize all that they needed, God challenged someone to hand them an envelope with enough money to pay for the plane ticket. They were challenged to believe God will supply all their needs.

Pray for Albert as he makes this trip back to his home village. Pray that he will be able to see the repair of the airstrip that is so vital to their ministry among the Banwaon people.

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