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Shipping seaweed seedlings to the seashore

Disaster relief has many faces and is full of opportunity.

Canadian missionary Garry Barkman is amazed at God’s work, even in the most tragic catastrophes of life. And most recently, Garry was struck by God’s help in arranging shipments of seaweed seedlings.

Typhoon Haiyan, an exceptionally powerful storm, wreaked untold destruction in its journey through the Philippines early last November. Besides the staggering and tragic loss of life, this storm caused severe damage to many villages in remote island locations.

The livelihood in many of these small island communities has depended entirely upon fishing and seaweed farming. Because about 3,000 farmers in these areas depend on seaweed farming for their family’s survival, the repercussions of the typhoon’s massive destruction are clear and pressing.

Garry has recently confirmed details for the shipment of 4,500 pounds of seaweed seedlings to get these farmers back on their feet. As these seedlings reproduce, more seedlings will be shared with other needy farmers.

Transporting these seedlings is a tricky business, since they have a 24-hour lifespan from picking to planting. The only viable solution is transporting by helicopter.

Please pray specifically for fuel needs, good weather and especially, Garry says, “Ask God that this project will have eternal effects on those receiving aid.”

“I can’t help but be amazed at God,” Garry continues. “All around us are evidences of His power, His love and His goodness!”

His tender care and gracious provision are visible—even in the details of shipping seaweed seedlings.

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