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Showers of blessing

The Jalunga people again have opportunities to hear chronological Bible lessons.

Abundant rains are blessing the Jalunga people. Many are busy in their fields planting various crops. However, a few are blessed to be able to listen to God’s Word once again.

Previously the elders among the Jalungas soundly rejected the Gospel message as missionary Aaron Hefner presented it to them. But several Jalunga men asked to hear more about Jesus. Janji and his wife are continuing to study God’s Word with Aaron along with five others.

Aaron and his wife Lindsey and their four children recently returned from home assignment and are living in another location. Aaron has returned to the village to begin building a home there so that the entire family can live in the village.

Missionary Penny Warner is delighted to welcome the Hefners back as well as a new co-worker, Becki Brust. Becki has moved into the village and is fairly well settled into her home.

Penny continues to translate the Scriptures into the Jalunga language. She has spent 30 years working with the Jalunga people and has established some great relationships. Recently she finished Romans, Ephesians and 1 Thessalonians and sent the transcripts to the printer, and is now working on the Gospel of John.

Pray that those Jalunga people who are listening to the Firm Foundation Bible lessons will understand and accept the message that Christ died for them. Pray too for Aaron as he builds a new home for his family. Pray for Penny as she continues to translate the Scriptures and that Becki will begin to build relationships as she studies the culture and language of the Jalungas.

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