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Siars learning to be disciples, teachers, leaders

Bible lessons and training will help the young church grow and spread the Gospel.

The missionary team ministering to the Siar people is teaching and discipling believers with the intent of establishing a mature, strong church.

“We are trusting [God] to continue to do what is best for the maturity and health of the believers here,” wrote missionary Chris Lujan.

The team has spent the last four months teaching the book of Romans to the Siars. God used the 100 hours of teaching from Romans to strengthen and grow the Siar church.

As they reached the end of the teaching, the missionaries encouraged a time of sharing concerning what the Lord was doing in their lives. There was a fellowship feast afterward.

The missionaries continue to translate the Scriptures into the Siar language. Lane Sanford is working on the book of Ephesians. Jonathan Jackson is finishing up some revisions on the book of Romans—fine tuning the translation the others have done.

Chris Lujan is working on preparing Firm Foundation Bible lessons for the book of Ephesianss. 

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