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Siawi New Testament almost printed

The first run is only 250, but more, with additional Old Testament passages, will follow.

The Siawi New Testament and portions of Genesis are being formatted and prepared for printing now. The Bible will be printed on waterproof paper, making it more durable for the tribal believers.

Missionary Linda Krieg carefully checked and proofread the Scripture portions and is now waiting for the first printing of 250 New Testaments.

While Linda waits for the next step in the Siawi translation, she is helping the missionaries ministering among the Abaus check the books of 1 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, 2 Timothy, and Philemon. She will also be helping missionary Lisa Kappeler who ministers among the Uriay check the book of Ephesians.

“Through your continued partnership with this ministry, you are helping move these two people groups closer to having God’s Word in their language, too. I hope you realize the blessing and privilege it is to be a part of that too,” wrote Linda.

Linda is now living at the New Tribes Mission Homes in Sanford and continues to work on translating the Scriptures into the Siawi language, and helps translators check and assess their translations.

She is currently translating Exodus and Jonah into Siawi and getting them ready so that her translation team can help her get ready for a check so they can be included in the next printing of 1500 New Testament and Old Testament portions in Siawi on waterproof paper. This will delay the printing some but the people really want to have Exodus and Jonah in their Bibles. Linda is asking us to pray for a way to get the Bibles to the Siawi people in Papua New Guinea.

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