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Sickness blamed on sorcery

Sorcerers have been busy among the Wano people.

At least that’s what the people are saying is the cause of some of the sickness going around.

As missionary Tim Ingles was speaking with his good friend Landun this week, he heard about the Wano man’s bout with sickness and a medicine man’s remedy to cure his illness.

Landun was very sick about a month ago and as a result of malaria his spleen became enlarged.

At a feast last week, a medicine man told Landun that he needed to kill a small pig, wash the blood from the lungs and heart, dip a specific plant in the blood and bury it. When the plant grew, his spleen would shrink and he would return to full strength.

Landun told the man that he didn’t have a pig and that he was God’s child now and wouldn’t do anything that is from the Devil. He was going to trust God because God is more powerful than anything.

Another man, Liku, agreed that the new believers’ faith is being tested and that they need to continue trusting only in God, no matter what.

“We praise the Lord for the believers that are standing strong,” wrote Tim, “but ask for your prayers as others are struggling to leave their past and their trust in the spirits … and trust in God alone. … Pray that God will use the stronger believers … to provide an example and encourage the weaker ones to remain faithful.

Pray too for Landun. He still hasn’t regained his full strength.

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