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Something big to celebrate

Missionaries and Yembiyembi believers are rejoicing together in God’s faithfulness.

This week, Brooks Buser and five Yembiyembi believers saw the last section of the Yembiyembi New Testament checked, approved and almost ready for print.
“What a day!” Brooks shares joyfully. “Thank You, Lord!”
Though there is still some proofreading and formatting to be done, the diligent and painstaking project of translating this portion of God’s Word into Yembiyembi is essentially completed.
It was early 2004 when Brooks and Nina Buser first moved into the tribe began learning the culture and language of the Yembiyembi people.
“It’s been nearly nine years,” Brooks reflects.
And what a nine years it has been. It has, he says, involved five laptops (the intense heat and humidity are really hard on laptops), three centipede bites, 17 airstrip floodings and tractor breakdowns, nine cases of malaria, three believer baptisms that included hostile spears and bushknives present from those in opposition, dozens of graduates from the Yembiyembi literacy program and four full, ongoing presentations of the gospel through chronological Bible teaching in three years’ time. There has also been diligent discipling of new believers and of Yembiyembi church leaders.
Brooks has no idea “how many gallons of sweat and tears” have been invested in those years. But it’s all worth it. Finally there is a complete New Testament translation, along with Yembiyembi elders and Bible teachers mature in Christ and ready to carry on His work in the tribe.
“The church is doing well. … We continue to be encouraged about where it’s going,” Brooks shares.
The anticipation is for the Yembiyembi New Testament dedication to be held on October 8, 2013, “so mark your calendars,” Brooks writes.
“All of these things and more came through God’s sustaining mercy and grace,” Brooks expresses. “To Him be the glory!”
Join in the chorus of praise to God along with Brooks and Nina Buser, their co-workers, Tim and Courtney Shontere and all of the Yembiyembi believers.

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