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‘Sorry, the Schedule is Completely Full’

“Today’s to-do list has ten things on it, and there is room for only four.” “The tank is on E.” “We need one more week to complete the project.” What do all of these statements have in common? The answer is the management of resources, time, energy and money. Serving on the mission field is no different. NTM missionary Susie Locklin knows this firsthand.

A Thousand Questions

Susie has been serving in West Africa for about a year and a half, and one of her unique responsibilities is the task of people group assessments, helping NTM identify the best ministry opportunities on the field. It’s a process of digging into a culture and answering numerous questions.

“For example,” Susie illustrates, “where I live, there are 60-70 people groups in a country roughly the size of Colorado. Which of those have had the opportunity to hear the gospel and which haven’t? What language do they speak?” Her research helps NTM determine what ministry resources need to go where.

Balancing the Resources

Susie finds her work fulfilling, and knows it’s making an impact. “I’ve enjoyed working with others on the team,” she says. “I’m glad I can be at least a small part of connecting missionaries with people who need to hear the Good News about Jesus.”

As with any other endeavour, NTM strives to balance the resources and time God has given us. Pray for Susie as she continues to conduct people group assessments.

There are hundreds of assessments yet to be completed worldwide, and each one costs an average of $4,500. The task is worth it because with each assessment comes the knowledge of where to begin the next phase of ministry. It is truly the first step in church planting.

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