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Surveying to serve

Recently missionaries Cori Gervasi and Naomi Christenson spent five days with the Sekadaus getting better acquainted with the people.

Cori and Naomi plan to move to a Sekadau village in January 2009 in the area where Cori’s parents, Paul and Bella Gervasi, have ministered for many years. While visiting their future home the ladies hiked an hour to another village where they attended a church service taught by Sekadau believers.

Before visiting with the Sekadaus, Cori and Naomi visited Darcy Berglund, ministering in the Semandang tribal group, for five days. Darcy has been working for 15 years on the Semandang Bible translation and is nearly finished.

They observed Darcy’s techniques and watched how she and Semandang believers worked together to make sure the translation was clear, accurate and easily understood. The missionaries enjoyed the fellowship with the Semandangs and learning more about translation principles.

On the last day in the tribal area Cori reported seeing three large snakes. “I have a snake phobia,” Cori wrote. “By the time I saw the third snake, I was shaking like a leaf and covered in goose bumps and a cold sweat. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to leaving. Unfortunately, the weather closed in and the pilot and plane ended up spending the night. Eventually, we made it back to our blissfully snake-free house.”

Pray for Cori and Naomi as they prepare to minister among the Sekadau people. Pray also for the completion of the Semandang Bible.

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