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Talking numbers

How many decades should a people group have to wait to hear the Good News about Jesus?

Pete Hypki says he has never really enjoyed math. But there are some numbers related to the ministry of Pete and his wife, Liesl, they are happy to share.

For starters, Pete says it doesn’t seem very long since they moved into the little village where they minister to the Nahuatl people. But it has been two years.

“Our house isn’t finished, the Nahuatl church is yet to be planted, but two years have gone by and we’re still here—studying, working, building trust, deepening relationships,” Pete shares.

Pete says that two years have changed things. “People no longer ask us if we’re coming back when we leave to go buy supplies. Instead they ask when we’re coming back. … Time builds trust,” Pete observes.

There are more numbers to the story, too, Pete says. Like the 2,000-plus hours the missionary team has put in studying the Nahuatl language. This is with much hope and prayer that these hours invested will equip the team to competently and diligently work to create literacy and Bible teaching resources that will allow them to share the gospel clearly with the Nahuatl people in their own language.

“One last number for you,” Pete says. “It’s the age of the oldest man in the village. Antonio doesn’t really know how old he is, but we estimate he is older than 70 years.”

“And that’s the number most worth remembering,” Pete continues. “Because it means that Antonio has lived at least 70 years without ever hearing the gospel in his own language.”

And Pete says that’s why 2,000-plus hours of studying Nahuatl is just the beginning of the story.

The missionary team is counting the days until they can share the gospel fluently in Nahuatl with Antonio and many others who desperately need to hear the message of hope and redemption in Jesus.

Pray for God’s blessing as they continue to love the Nahuatl people and hope for God’s work in their hearts and village. Pray for God to raise up more labourers to work in His harvest and make their lives count for eternity.

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