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Teacher's prayer answered

Astun wanted someone to take his place teaching Bible lessons in his village

Astun, a Manobo Bible teacher for many years, died after a long battle with illness. He had told believers from his village that he was ready to die because he knew he would be with the Lord. But his main request was that someone take his place as a Bible teacher in his village.

That prayer has been answered. Aylu has been a Bible teacher for years. He was the first one to teach Firm Foundation Bible lessons in Astun’s village—and Astun was saved due to Aylu’s teaching.

Aylu has continued teaching in other villages and is now ready to fill the vacancy due to Astun’s death. He is unable to move to Astun’s village right now because he must tend his rice and corn crops near his village. But he will hike up to Astun’s village each week to teach believers.

Pray for perseverance for Aylu as he continues to make the long hike up to the village to take Astun’s place. Pray too that some men in the village will give their lives to serve God as Bible teachers, starting with the 40 lessons from Creation to Christ prepared by NTM missionaries as Aylu prepares to train them.

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