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Teaching for Bisorios, Malamandas

Believers from the two tribes, who speak similar languages, will hear lessons on love and relationships.

Eric Hedeen, John Hutteman and Bob and Noby Kennell took a trip to visit some tribal works in Papua New Guinea. The men minister to the Malaumanda people.

After a plane ride to a neighbouring village they will jump into a flat bottom boat and take a three-hour ride down the river to visit the Bisorio people.

The Bisorio church is well established and there have been believers since the late 1980s. Bob and Noby served there and along with George and Harriet Walker and they first presented the Gospel message.

The Malaumanda language is very close to the Bisorio language so many Malaumanda believers live there also. John and Eric are excited to be able to visit with believers there.

Noby took advantage of the trip to visit her son-in-law and daughter, Lane and Kerrie Sanford, who serve among the Siar people. Meanwhile Bob will be teaching the Bisorio and Malaumanda people some critical principles.

He will remind them of their life before they met Christ and how they lived in fear and bondage to Satan. Then he will focus on who they are in Christ. Bob will bring a lesson on what it means to love God and our fellow man, and the relationship between husbands and wives.

Bob hopes to teach for five days. The more intense lessons are at the end of the sessions – conflict resolution, God’s mandate for husbands to love their wives and not belittle them and how to love, disciple and train your children.

Pray for the trip and for the teaching among the Bisorios and Malaumandas. Pray that God will pierce their hearts with the truths that Bob is teaching.

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