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Tech by Text

laptop keyboard

The Problem

Ruth Brendle always knew that having a techie husband was a great benefit, but when she found herself 1,500 miles away from Dave while taking care of her mom, she wasn’t sure how that was going to benefit her. She was having computer problems and felt at a loss. She wished Dave would walk through the door and solve her problem.

The Long-Distance Solution

That didn’t happen. Dave didn’t walk through the door, but he did solve her problem.

“He handled it by text!” Ruth wrote. “I described [the problem]; he responded.” And back and forth they went until he figured out the problem.

“He told me to ‘Click on this. Select the second one. Enable that.’ And it worked!”

Dave Texting Ruth

It shouldn’t have been a novel idea to Ruth. Solving technological problems is what her husband is good at and the type of service he provides for missionaries around the globe. But there’s nothing like experiencing it firsthand to make it real.

The On-Going Service

“I had never experienced Dave’s expertise and systematic guidance in the way so many of our missionaries do — from long distance!” Ruth wrote. “I am thankful for the gifts God has given him!”

Pray for Dave Brendle and the entire IT team that provide tech support to missionaries serving in locations where tech support is limited or non-existent.

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