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Thank you thank you thank you thank you

men line up to unload helicopter

“Thank you,” the typhoon survivor said over and over again, tears in his eyes. “Thank you.” The man wouldn’t stop shaking the hand of missionary pilot Zach Keller. He just stood there, smiling, crying, and saying, “Thank you.”

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This happened almost a year and a half ago, when Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines. Two isolated island chains were among those devastated, and this is where NTM, in coordination with MAF, focused.

A short time earlier, Zach had landed an NTM helicopter on the island where the man lives. As Zach began unloading large sacks of rice, the smiles and the thanks came raining down. After he was back in the air, Zach thought how unfair it was that he got the thanks, when so many other people behind the scenes were working and giving to make this possible.

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So Zach shared the story. It was his way of passing the man’s thanks on to people like you who gave and worked to make the aid possible.

It’s just one of many stories from that disaster and its aftermath, including the fascinating story of how it all came together in the first place — the story that’s in the March issue of NTM’s magazine, NTM@work.

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