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The blessing of the fish

Recently Biem believers were amazed at God’s provision for them.

The Biem believers wanted to raise some money to enable them to go to a local conference for believers. They decided that fishing was the way to go.

“They decided that they’d do some fishing trips, smoke and dry the fish and then sell it,” missionary Brandon Buser explains. “From the get-go though, we stressed the fact that it wasn’t so much about the money as the exercise of it all and the example they portrayed while dealing with the money—that would be huge.”

Even Jesus’ disciples experienced the challenge of fishing endeavours. “The first hurdle,” Brandon says, “was catching the fish, and here’s where we just smiled and marvelled at God’s goodness.”

For two days, a boat was sent out fishing to see what God would provide.

The first day the believers returned with “a sizeable catch of tuna and other fish,” Brandon writes. Other fishermen came back that same day with absolutely nothing.

“Man, that got the island talking!” he notes happily.

The second day, the weather turned bad. Brandon says that people were telling the believers, “Don’t go out today. The fish are not biting. It’s pointless.”

“But the believers decided to give it a go,” he says. And just six hours later they returned “with another boat full of tuna that surpassed even the first day’s haul.”

Brandon says the believers returned with beaming faces, thrilled to see God provide for them in this visible way. “It felt like a ‘cast your net on the other side of the boat’ kind of incident,” he comments. “Truly amazing!”

“Thank you for praying for us, the body of believers, that we will continue to reach out,” he adds. “God is doing amazing things and we’re grateful.”

Providing funds for the Biem church to be able to attend the believers’ conference is just one small view into how God is working in the Biem people. Pray for His grace to encourage and mature His children there and for their lives to shine brilliantly with God’s mercy to their unbelieving friends so that many more will come to Christ.

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