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The “Good” in “Goodbye”

Positioning by Saying “Good-bye”

The whole idea of embracing and positioning oneself to reach the unreached at times means having to say “good-bye.” Aaron and Lori Luse have gone that route just recently.
“After over 14 years in the tribe, we are saying good-bye to our Patpatar friends and family,” Aaron wrote. “In 2003, we moved into the village not knowing the Patpatar language and culture. Our goal was to learn from them and build relationships. We wanted to be able to eventually create a literacy program in their own language to teach them how to read and write. We wanted to be able to translate God’s Word into their own heart language for them to read. We wanted to teach the Bible and see a church established that could thrive.”

“They No Longer Need Us”

Goals have to be made and kept, and that is what happened. There have been accomplishments in the areas of literacy and translation, helping the Patpatar to read and write and then giving them the Scriptures to read.
In the area of the church itself, “there is a solid core of Christians growing as the Body of Christ. They have been taught through the major portions of the Bible and are standing strong in the truth. … Elders and deacons have been appointed. They no longer need us there full time.”

The Good-byes

“It is time for us to say good-bye. Our goal has always been to work ourselves out of a job. We have always wanted to see the Patpatar church established and standing strong without relying on the missionary — that is happening.
“In May, we gave away our house, said good-bye to the church, and moved out of the tribe. We also had to say good-bye to Madonna, our coworker for the last 8 years … .”
But, yes, there is a “good” in “good-bye.” The Patpatar are going to be embracing and positioning to continue the work among their own people and beyond.

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