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The joy of seeing God transform lives

Rejoicing in the visible work God is doing through the teaching of His Word.

It started with an NTM training program for new missionaries in Mexico. Tony and Lauren Finch agreed to host a group of students who had finished classroom training and needed a place to practice language translation skills.

“We were happy to host them,” Tony writes, “but the group was too large to host all 26 people. So we split the group between our location and an outreach location to the Tarahumara people.”

The group of students stayed there for four weeks. One weekend they invited the Finches and the other half of the students who were staying with the Finches to come for an afternoon of fellowship.

“While there,” Tony explains, “the students explained to us that they had been having Bible studies with some of the people of the community.” They asked Tony if he would be willing to teach at the Bible study scheduled for that afternoon.

The people in the village were attentive and welcoming. The watching students commented, Tony says, “how blown away they were over the people’s attention and reactions at being taught in their own language. They asked if we could come back the next week.”

Tony and Lauren readily agreed. “To make a long story short, we have been making the trip over to teach God’s Word in that community every Saturday,” he adds.

It’s been exciting for the Finches to watch the lights of understanding come on in the faces of their eager listeners. By the time they reached the Bible teaching about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, they were convinced that a majority of their group—about 40 adults and children—were trusting Christ for salvation.

Several months later, the Finches rejoiced to participate in the baptism of 10 of the new believers.

Life often does not go easily for those who make the decision to be baptised to publicly identify with Christ as their Saviour. One woman has been ostracised by her family and none of them will speak to her anymore.

Another believer, a 14-year-old, was at first denied permission to be baptised by her mother and step-father.

“Later her mother consented,” Tony writes, “but after her baptism, her step-father became very upset with her.” The girl explained to her parents her desire to follow Christ and live a life that pleases Him. With the support of some family members, her step-father has accepted her decision and has even begun to attend some of the Bible teaching times.

Tony says watching God’s Hand open doors and work in hearts and lives has been “pretty encouraging to see.”

Please rejoice with the Finches and pray with them especially for these 10 new believers and for 15 new believers in the village where they minister who will be facing some hard trials as a result of their decision to say,

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