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The New Testament in seven days

Tim Shontere needed to complete proofreading of the whole book in Yembiyembi as quickly as possible, so it can get into the hands of the people.

The Yembiyembi church planting team is thrilled. After long years of learning the Yembiyembi language and translating the New Testament, the team received the first printed and bound copy on Saturday, September 7.

Why only one copy? Team member Tim Shontere had the responsibility of completing a final proofread before sending it off to the printer.
Tim asked in a recent prayer update, “Maybe some of you have read the New Testament in eight days? Anyone?”

The sense of urgency has to be balanced with a sense of excellence. Tim wants to get the New Testament into the hands of the Yembiyembi people as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing quality.

He wrote, “It takes me five minutes a page. There are 750 pages, so that will be 3,750 minutes (63 hours).”

Please pray for Tim and rest of the Yembiyembi church planting team, that their lives would be a fragrance consistent with the Word of God.
Please also pray for the printing process, that it goes without incident.

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