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The rooster's schedule

Getting up early is just one of the adjustments for Lindsey Burrows in a new country.

The neighbour’s roosters are Lindsey Burrows’ new alarm clock. Since there is no glass in the windows and the loud call to prayer comes about the same time, she decides it’s in her best interest to get on that schedule.

Trying to learn this new Asia Pacific language has its challenges. She thought she asked to take a picture of the rooster but got a picture with him.

Her new house was somewhat disappointing but she decided not to despair, expecting a good night’s sleep and the light of morning would bring a more hopeful outlook. With a little rearranging and decorating she is sure she will love it.

Lindsey is told there are two things she cannot live without: a motorcycle helmet and cell phone. Language coaches will help her get that taken care of along with other things she’ll need to buy.

There is a feeling of vulnerability with simple issues like how the hot water works. She’s not sure what to do in case of a fire. If that seems simple, what about the papaya in the refrigerator that she has no clue how to chop up?

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