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Tigak believers reach out

As they are discipled, new Christians learn how to share God’s Word with others.

Tigak believers are sharing the Gospel message and seeing others come to Christ.

Paska, a Tigak believer, went to visit a friend who was extremely ill and shared the Gospel with him. The friend listened to every word and expressed his faith in Jesus Christ as the sin-bearer who died to make him whole. The next day the friend died and another Tigak believer entered heaven.

Damaris began sharing with a young friend who had never attended any of the Firm Foundations Bible lessons. Nor had he ever expressed any interest in the Gospel. But as Damaris shared, he listened and said he understood and believed what he heard.

The Tigak missionary team has been encouraging the believers to share their faith.

“Please pray for me in these last several weeks,” wrote missionary Aimee Hedrick, “to make great use of my time, that I would …pour myself into the Tigak believers in the midst of preparing to head home for the first time in three years.”

Missionaries Tom and Beth Carlton are building relationships and learning the Tigak culture and language in order to help the Tigak church to mature and function in the gifts given by the Holy Spirit, while Ned and Linn Beall continue to work on the Tigak translation.

Aimee concluded, “Pray for us to be wise, intentional and Spirit-directed as we disciple them. Pray for God to humble, challenge, encourage, teach and grow each one of His children here—including me and my teammates!”

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