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Tobo believers fan embers

Lau man

Ambox, a Tobo believe in Papua New Guinea, is stirring the ashes to bring new life to the small group of believers there.

Recently Jason and Nisae Williamson felt led to stop meeting with the believers in Tobo and leave the tribe. It seemed that the believers were not interested in meeting together.

Jason and Nisae grieved over the seemingly dead Tobo church. However, Jason continued to work with Ambox to develop Bible lessons in the Tobo language, hoping for a future revival.

Then Ambox came to Chad Mankins to tell him that God had provided money for him to go to a conference for believers being held in another tribe. He also said he would like to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.

Jason wrote, “Please pray that Ambox will be able to help bring new life to the small group of Tobo believers. Pray also for Jason, Chad and Ambox as they head into a tribe the week after Easter to attend the Citizen Teachers Training Seminar – an excellent opportunity for Ambox to be encouraged to stand up for His faith when He returns to Tobo.”

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