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Trusting Jesus now

Stephen used to teach that people had to follow the Law to be right with God.

Stephen boldly stood among the group of new believers in a North Wahgi village and declared, “trusting Jesus is the only way we can be reconciled to God.”

Missionary Dan Hulley had just completed presenting the final lesson in the foundational Bible lesson series and asked if any of the believers would testify of their faith in Jesus.

Stephen formerly was a village Spiritual leader who taught the villagers that keeping the Law was the only to be right with God. He shared that he now knows that Jesus alone has saved him from his sin.

After listening to foundational Bible lessons taught by Dan, Stephen had a clear understanding of salvation and that doing good works and keeping the law is useless without trusting in Christ.

Then Wirol, another North Wahgi believers said, “The curtain in the temple was torn in two because by Jesus dying on the cross, he opened the door so that we can be with God again.”

“Praise God for these sweet testimonies,” wrote Rachel Hulley, “and pray that these new believers will grow in their faith and become shining lights in the community.”

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