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Understanding the Significance of Jesus’ Birth

men singing a song in New Guinea

They Are Changed

It was in April of this year when the missionaries first presented the gospel message to the Menya people. They called that day “Cross Day” and captured the Menyas’ response on video. It tells the story of the Menya people, the story of how they came to be our brothers and sisters in Christ, the story how “Cross Day” changed their lives.

They Give Testimony

But their story is not over. Evangelism was just the beginning. Discipleship has been ongoing, and the testimonies given at the first Menya baptism in October brought joy to my heart. I would like to share a few of them with you.

“Sin enslaved my body, speech and thoughts. By God’s grace, He sent Jesus Christ. He took all of my sin as if it were His. Through Jesus, I am pure in God’s eyes.” — Zabet

“I was living under sin, Satan and death. Only through the work of Jesus — His blood that was spilled on the cross — He set me free, and now I am alive with Him. Now Jesus is my King.” — Wati

“God sent His only Son to the earth. He spilled His great blood. He took away my sin.” — Neti

“The Bible says, ‘You can’t follow your ideas.’ You won’t get to heaven that way. Only through the holy blood of Jesus Christ can you get to Heaven.” — Helen

They Celebrate

For the Menya, Christmas may have been a unknown concept and the birth of Jesus insignificant. But not anymore. For the first time, the Menya people can celebrate the birth of their Saviour along with us.

Pray for the infant Menya church to continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord and Saviour.

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