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'Until he dies'

Missionary Lourens Laureti shares a letter from the Mengen church.

One of the greatest challenges as a missionary is to become an insider into the culture and to become very, very close friends with the people,” writes missionary Lourens Laureti.

Imagine then, the joy and blessing it was when one day a Mengen man arrived at the jungle house where Lourens and his family live and handed him a letter from the Mengen church. It was written by him and signed by representatives of the church and village.

Lourens shares, “They insisted that I must translate it and send it to everyone who supports us.” These are the thoughts shared from those Mengen hearts:

We would like to announce to everyone at New Tribes Mission that we would like this missionary, Lourens Laureti, to stay with us until he dies.

We would like this for the following reasons:

-He has taught us about God and His Word and many have come to faith in our village.

-He is of good character and teaches us about God and His ways.

This is the announcement we would like to make.

Lourens is deeply honoured to receive this tribute. The love and trust of the Mengen people has been a high priority in his ministry. He says, “We want the believers to trust and love us as their shepherds until they themselves are standing on their own two feet.”

Lourens shares that he is also keenly aware of the great value of those who stand behind him in partnership in this task of bringing the Gospel to the Mengen people. When he sees the close bonds forming that he has prayed and worked so hard for, he thinks of the many people who stand with him as partners in prayer and in financial support.

“Thanks for making it possible for us to give our lives in God’s service,” Lourens adds. “It is a great privilege!”

Pray for God’s continued blessing on the Laureti family as they live with and love the Mengen people. Pray that God will continue to draw many Mengen people to Christ. Pray for His protection on the Mengen believers and for great fruitfulness in their lives as they grow to be mature and strong for God’s glory.

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