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Fato's Story

Fato lived in fear of the spirits but Jesus came to the rescue and set him free.
Runtime: 3:24

Jason's Prayer

Missionary Jason Swanson prays for the Siawi church.
Runtime 2:30


As a typhoon approached, their daughter became more and more ill.
Runtime 4:55

8 Minutes

Pilot Mike McGregor uses aviation to advance the gospel to remote tribal groups.
Runtime 3:37


In the remote corners of the world, they live in fear of the spirits. They die without hope. This is Awayo’s story.
Runtime: 9:23

Below the Surface

The Dinangat people had Christian religious practices along with worship of their ancestors. Did the people need to hear about Jesus?
Runtime 5:24


Missionary Julie Ward shares how God’s Word is touching the hearts of the Brooke’s Point Palawano People of the Philippines.
Runtime: 2:53

Ethnos Introduction

Ethnos, founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these peoples.
Runtime 2:35