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Wanos gather for big feast

Wano people from several areas gathered on Wednesday for a big feast that would be payment for the death of a man who was killed in warfare several years ago.

It was expected that as many as 25 pigs would be killed for the occasion.

The event was delayed a couple of days, and missionaries who had hoped to attend were unable to. They were already committed to attending a conference and will hear about the feast upon their return to the village.

“Be praying that this feast goes smoothly as people can quite often get quite angry over not getting what they feel they deserve,” Tim Ingles wrote. “We don’t want anything drastic to happen as a result of all this.”

Tim and his wife, Rebecca, and Mike and Elizabeth Wild are learning the culture and language of the Wanos and are getting closer to the day when they will begin teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to the people.

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