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What God is doing in the Siar church

Growing in Christ and His Word stirs hearts to share the Good News about Christ.

God is at work in the Siar church. Chris and Erin Lujan are deeply encouraged. And it hasn’t been limited to the Siar church, Chris says.

“I believe that as God has been working in the life of the Siar church, He has been working just as much in my life. He is doing a work in me,” Chris shares. “As the Lord reminds us of the things that He has done in the church and in us, we become more and more encouraged and thankful.”

As God works in and through their own lives, Chris details some of the signs of growth that he and Erin have been blessed to see in the Siar church as it matures in Christ. “The church is becoming more and more convinced of the truths of Christ,” he says. “Convinced of His unconditional and eternal love for them, convinced that they have a new identity in Him … convinced that they eternally belong to Him, convinced that by faith alone in His work alone they are saved … convinced that there is no other way, convinced that suffering is for their good …”

For Chris, there is only one explanation when he sees Siar believers so convinced of these essential truths. “That is God working in them,” he affirms.

There is something else very encouraging happening in the Siar church. They have been studying through the book of Colossians. They have discussed Epaphras, who was changed by the gospel and who earnestly desired for others to have that same hope in Christ. And coming from that study, the Siar believers are suddenly ignited with excitement about evangelism and outreach.

Chris says the Siar church is actively making plans to reach out to a village that is a six-hour hike from their location. “There are a couple of families up there that want to hear the gospel. … God has stirred a hunger in those families. … The church is extremely excited about the gospel spreading … into a new language group.”

The groundwork of preparation for Siar believers to be ready to share the Good News will take some time. “There is need for the believers to stand in unity, freshen up in this other language and clarify spiritual terminology in this language,” Chris writes. “It looks like they will start teaching in September some time.”

Chris and the Siar church know very well there is an adversary who “doesn’t want this village to hear the truth and is already doing all he can to attempt to put the brakes on,” with opposition or trials. “Please pray that the Lord will continue to create more of a hunger in the hearts of (the people of the village) and that He would prepare them for the truth.”

Prayer is something you can do, in fact, something you can start right now. You can commit to ongoing prayer for the people of this village who so desperately need to hear the Good News about Christ.

You can pray, also, for God’s continued grace and encouragement and growth in the lives of Siar believers.

Chris writes, “Please pray for the Siar church. Pray that it would continue to grow to be more like Christ every day.”

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