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When weddings are chaotic

Missionaries Jim and Joy Elliott were surprised when they were able to attend a Morop wedding. Instead of the joyous occasion they expected, the Elliotts were greeted by sharp voices.

The bride and groom have no say in the marriage agreement. Their family members control the outcome. It’s a long process to negotiate the bride price. They try to determine how much the woman is worth in order to see how much money and pigs they can get for her.

Several hours go by as the families yell and argue. Accusations are made against the bride whose prior sins are brought up in an attempt to lower her bride price. The others watching just laugh at the obvious misery the bride is in.

The Elliotts hope that in time the people will learn about God’s intentions for marriage. Through their teaching, the Elliotts hope to relay that marriage is a picture of His Church and His never-ending Love for us.

Please pray that the Morop people will come to understand God’s Plan for their lives.

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