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When You Can’t Plan Ahead

woman does medical work on a boy's foot while he and another boy play with tablet

When I Can’t Plan

Today’s article is taken from Katie Moore’s blog. She is on the Nahuatl team in Mexico.

Some days, you simply need to do what needs to be done. Sure, some of those things fit neatly into categories like literacy, translation or community service. But sometimes (or most of the time?) when I wake up, I have very little idea of what the day will hold and what will need to be done.

There are no plumbers here, so if we have a problem with that, we have to deal with it. … Same goes for issues with our solar power or lawn mower or pump or photocopier. We look things up online, write the experts and attempt to get things back into working order. I am good at holding extra tools, lifting heavy things and the “unplug-it-and-plug-it-back-in-and-see-if-that-fixes-it” trick.

truck in Mexico loaded very high

Time to buy vegetables

You Just Never Know

Sometimes we need to deliver items to someone and so we zip around on our four-wheeler to do that. Sometimes a lady who sells vegetables shows up in the village, so we go out to buy fresh veggies and maybe a round of farmer’s cheese. The chance for fresh food means we stop whatever else we’re doing and go stand in line. Sometimes we spend all afternoon making announcements house-to-house. Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes…you just never know.

two people hauling water by buckets

Adding buckets of water to our holding tank

Always the Right “How”

Many of the items that occupy our hours – and sometimes our days – were never on a to-do list, because we did not know we were going to need to do them. They simply pop up and demand to be handled.

And in the meantime, we remind ourselves that the “how” of the handling, much more so than what actually gets handled, is the expression of the church in action before the eyes of many who are lost. God grant that our team live with love and grace and patience in how we do what needs to be done.

Keep praying for the Nahuatl team as they face each day’s changing schedule. Pray for them as the Husband family join the team in Las Moras when their house is finished.

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