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Which Would You Choose?

people sitting under the shade of the plane wing and others crowded around to help unload the plane

Gabriel and Hana dreaded the thought: Multiple days of island hopping on turbulent oceans with unpredictable boat schedules – with their two children, and Hana six months pregnant! But how else could they get back to their ministry home on a remote Asia-Pacific island among the Tugutil people group?

Good news! Pilot Nomad Nelman had just gotten the new “operator’s certificate” for Ethnos360 Aviation in Asia-Pacific. With the ink barely dry on this official piece of paper that he’d waited three months for, Nomad took to the skies in the Kodiak airplane.

After a few “warm-up” flights, he loaded up his first customers: Gabriel & Hana and their kids!

Instead of tortuous days of travel, their flight to the Tugutil took just one hour and ten minutes in the Kodiak.

Which would you choose? Days on the ocean or an efficient flight? Without generous friends who sponsor Ethnos360 Aviation flights, national missionaries like Gabriel & Hana wouldn’t even have a choice!

You can sponsor flights for skilled, willing and dedicated national missionaries. They speak the language. They can go where you can’t go. They can reach people you can’t reach. But you can provide what they can’t afford – viable, affordable aviation transportation to get the job done!

Your gift will help to sustain church planting teams for the 10 to 20 years it takes to develop a thriving church in a people group.

This article originally appeared on the Ethnos360 Aviation website and was localized for use in Canada.

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