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Why she's willing to say 'good-bye'

The eternal welfare of the Tigak people outweighs the comfort and sweetness of home.

A season of change and home assignment has ended and Aimee Hedrick is back in her island home among her dear Tigak friends.

It wasn’t easy for Aimee to say goodbye to her family and friends in the USA. She was apprehensive about the departure. “There were definitely hours of dread in the pit in my stomach, long and tightly-held hugs and a decent amount of tears,” she admits candidly.

But thanks to the faithful prayers of many of God’s people, Aimee says, “I felt a big outpouring of love upon coming back. …Thanks to God for His kindness and strength!”

Being back in the village has been good. “It’s been fun to re-unite with everyone here, to hear some encouraging stories from my brothers and sisters, to see how all the little kids have grown in seven months, to begin catching up with my co-workers, to walk around the village and get ‘welcome back’ handshakes and hugs.”

Aimee says her Tigak language skills feel a little rusty, but she’s encouraged that as she visits with her friends she realises those skills are coming back.

She is excited that one of her ministry tasks is to start a Tigak literacy program. “This is with the purpose that Tigak people will learn to read and write their own language so that they can read for themselves and really understand the Word of God in their language,” Aimee adds.

This task includes planning and completion of a literacy “building” in the village. “Likely an open, covered area with some kind of desks or benches,” she explains.

Aimee would love to have your prayers, not just for this literacy effort, but also for her daily relationship-building with the Tigak people. “Pray that I will have loads of wisdom, motivation and sensitivity to the Lord in discipling a group of ladies. … Pray that I will keep perspective, be patient and trust God in His timing for their growth.”

“There are many growing pains, ups and downs, joys and disappointments,” she shares. “Pray that Tigak believers will apply God’s Word as they hear and understand it and that God will transform them into His image.”

Aimee is definitely glad to be back. “It’s a joy and privilege to be out here doing this, hardships and all.” She knows that in the light of eternity, all the hard good-byes to family and friends will be well worth the sacrifices.

She remembers the big picture of why she’s doing what she’s doing. “Trust me, you’re going to have a sweet meeting with Tigak believers in Glory someday!” Aimee says.

The Tigak people are blessed to have Aimee and her co-workers living with them, loving them and bringing them the gospel, with its message of hope and joy and transformation. But there are still many people groups waiting. As you pray for Aimee and the Tigak people, ask God what He wants you to do to invest your life in eternal worth.

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