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Working Together to See Them Reached

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The Cubeo/Guanano Connection

There is a Cubeo village that lies sandwiched between Guanano villages in Colombia. Those Cubeo are multilingual and speak Guanano almost as well as their mother tongue. Barry and Denise Spor have been working among the Guanano for quite a number of years with their partners, Lindy and Carol Drake. Barry said, “Right near our jungle house here lives 30-year-old Roberto, a single man and captain of his Cubeo village. Roberto was born and grew up during the time that we were learning Guanano and the Guanano church was born. The Cubeo missionary team also moved into his village for a short time back in the 1990s.”

A Cubeo Church Plant?

“Our fellow missionaries with the Cubeo have had a desire that we here in the Guanano church start a Cubeo church plant by evangelizing Roberto.” Up to May of this year, Roberto seemed to be trusting in his own goodness for his salvation, even though he had heard the gospel. Roberto’s aunt, a Cubeo believer in the Guanano church, will be right there with him as he listens to the lessons. The missionary team hopes not only that Roberto will understand the gospel and believe but also that he will be able to be positioned to re-teach in his own village — in the Cubeo language — from which the Cubeo church will be born.

And Then Go Further

“Furthermore, this will be practice for those in [the village where we live] to do the same style teaching in new Guanano villages and expand the edge of the Church in the near future. Pray for the Bible teaching team as we have to prepare to teach three to four lessons per day for a total of 54 lessons that cover the thread of salvation.

“Roberto from all visible evidence appears to have understood the gospel and received Christ as his Saviour! Roberto says that over years of exposure to Bible teaching, he never heard about his sin nature. … The story of Abraham and his near sacrifice of Isaac was a game changer for him. He understood that God saw him like Isaac, all bound up with no way to escape death without divine intervention.

“Please continue to pray for Roberto as he takes these first steps of obedience to a new Master in his own life.”

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