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You could be there

A Patpatar woman talked with Lori Luse about her freedom in Christ.

As Lori Luse walked down the muddy path with her baby, she stopped to wait for her friend walking behind her.

They walked together, talking about all she had learned during the Bible teaching times, especially from the book of Romans. The Patpatar lady was encouraged and looking forward to learning more.

“Lori, I used to be so fearful about what I was doing and what I wasn’t doing to please God. Everyone would tell me what they thought I should do and it was a heavy burden for me. I now understand that I don’t have to be afraid of God. He provided a way for me. He sent His Son and through His death, and being buried and coming alive again, I am saved from my sin and my wrong. My belief is in Him and He has done it all for me. Now my burden is light. My burden is light!!” she said.

This is exciting progress in the discipleship process that is so important for this church. As Aaron and Lori and their co-workers are sensitive to what God is telling them to do, they are asking for prayer that they will have the willingness and strength to do it. This is a very different culture so sometimes it’s just plain uncomfortable.

It’s the heart of Aaron and Lori that you sense the joy and excitement with them as they wrote, “If only you could have been there with me to see the joy on my friend’s face. She is so hungry to continue to study God’s Word and so joyful about all that He has done for her. Her thinking has changed as she has heard God’s Word and allowed Him to work in her life.”

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